About Me

A friend once called me a tough cookie. I don’t think I am that tough. But I did think cookie sounded rather cute. And I absolutely love being creative. Hence this name was born.

My husband calls me a busy bee. My mom called me a busybody when I was a kid. I guess they are right in a way. I love keeping myself busy, and the things that keep me busiest are cooking, arts & crafts and photography. All this I enjoy at a non-professional level and it’s done purely out of passion.

Recently (Mar 14), I’ve quit my job and now a stay at home mum :) Taking care of my dear darling boy.

This site enables me to share these favourite pastimes with you. Hopefully you’ll be inspired in some way or other. It’s a simple website. A child could navigate this. So just relax and enjoy your visit!

I’ve divided my site into 3 basic sections.

Craftie Cooking is a compilation of the cooking and baking recipes I have tried over the years. Some are my own. Some were crafted and modified from books or the net. I love to eat, I love to cook. Cooking is my stress relief and the satisfaction I gain from it just can’t be described. Enjoy!!!
Some of my recipes have been featured in foodgawker. Click here to view.

Craftie Cards is where I share the cards I made. Making personal cards to bless my friends is rewarding. Seeing them happy makes me happy. I also make cards to sell. Check it out!

Craftie Clicks is where I share photos of travel adventures. I love travelling and I love taking photos. I am not into profesional photography. These are just freeze frames of favourite memories that I’d like to share.

So happy you dropped by. See you around!
Hazel Gan aka poreiz


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