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Black White Sesame Tuna

I remember viewing some websites and saw a recipe which is similar. I love the taste of tuna and salmon, half raw and half cook and thought this will be a rather interesting style of cooking. I also like the smell and taste of sesame. Depending how cook you want your tuna to be, pan-fry according to your liking.


200g tuna steak
1 tbsp white sesame
1 tbsp black sesame
1 tsp sea salt
1 tbsp cooking oil

1. Wash the tuna and wipe it dry with paper towel.
2. Rub the tuna with sea salt and put aside for 5mins.
3. Mix the white and black sesame on a medium sized plate.
4. Coat the tune with the sesame.
5. Heat up the pan with cooking oil over medium heat.
6. Pan-fried each sides of the tuna for 1 min. Serve immediately.

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